Simple Toy, Lots of Joy:

Take an imaginary expedition with Nuna animal stencils

Sometimes the best toys are the simplest ones. These cardboard animals are easy to make and easy to love. Once you’ve crafted these playful creatures out of your Nuna box, gather house plants and turn your living room into a lush jungle for a tiger to prowl, or step outside and your backyard becomes the rolling plains, a perfect spot for zebras to graze. Even if you are only able to roam around your home and yard, a little imagination can take you anywhere.

To craft these toy animals, you’ll need your Nuna Box, a box cutter, a utility knife, the Nuna animal stencils, and a pencil. Assembling the stencils provides a fun puzzle. Once they have been put together, these animal toys can be decorated with designs, dressed up in fancy drawn-on clothes, or left to roam the wild au naturel.

Step 1

Print and cut out the Nuna stencils.

Step 2

Place the box on a flat surface with the inside of the box facing the floor.

Step 3

Trace the edges of the stencils on the flat cardboard box

Step 4

Cut out the stencils using a utility knife.

Step 5


Step 6

and play!

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